Paul Pittioni is a Sydney based professional voice over artist, who for the past 20 years has voiced for leading brands and industries.

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Paul's voice is that of a 25 to 45 year old male demographic, A believable natural guy, a strong retail sell, a smooth warm mature voice, crazy characters, corporate presentations and impersonations. Paul is certainly one voice who is versatile, flexible and delivers the right read without any fuss, every time.

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Tight turnarounds, last minute changes, left of field direction, character voices and consistent branding messages. He is one of the most flexible, easy going, professional and fun broadcast talents to work with.

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There’s not many industries in Australia that Paul hasn’t voiced for, he is easily recognised as one of Australias leading voice over talents.

He is quick to interpret a script, and deliver it word perfect with just the right sell, warmth, sincerity or inflection for the direction given. A skill he has honed since he first discovered his passion for audio when he graduated from the Australian Film and Television School in 1988

Having worked at some of the biggest broadcast radio and TV networks in Australia and the UK, it’s no surprise that when Paul took to the microphone and started voicing that his training of “theater of the mind” and audio appreciation made him such a versatile and easy to work with professional voice over talent.

Sessions with Paul can see him quickly transition through a diverse range of reads - from a corporate voice over, to advertising campaigns, image or branding messages, film trailers, or whacky character reads.


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